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Straight Flush
Nov 10, 2014
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The Black Hills
Last year I announced that we were welcoming an heir to my poker chip collection.

Whellp, after July, I guess she's just going to have to fight over them...


And for this one I'll be adding a slightly different poker chip to the collection...

Are you having two? Or is that just an either or chip?

Congratulations my friend. Remember no cigarettes, cigars or 420 while expecting.
So much keeping this on downlow. Ha ha. Congrats

Early screening tests came back good, and the wife wanted me to hold off announcing anything until the organ scan next week (something they do for mother’s in their late 30’s). But I just couldn’t wait.:)
Congrats my friend, hope that all will go well over the next few months!! Looks like I’m falling behind on baby #2

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