SOLD 66 or maybe 92 Isle secondary roulettes for sale

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Nov 8, 2014
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I picked up 40 tan, 26 bahama blue and 26 sky green roulettes from @TheChipRoom's Isle Casino Cape Girardeau sale back in April. I was building a large roulette set but things changed so I thought I would put these up for sale. I had started to mill them a few months ago but I had to wait for my 1" bit to arrive since the stamp is larger than the 7/8" bit I had.
These chips have about as sharp of edges as I have ever seen as they have never been used. I was planning on using the sky green for possibly bounty chips or show'em chips but I could be talked into selling them. Please note it took me 4 or 5 of the sky greens to really settle on how the bit was performing. Price on these was $.40/chip. I was hoping to get $70.00 US which includes all 92 chips. Just the tan and bahama chips will be $45.00 US. Both prices include shipping across Canada or into the US.


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