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Nov 6, 2014
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Is the number of years that my wife and I are celebrating today.

We met on SEPT 30th in 1988 (I know the day because that is when I returned from a temp duty in Panama). We started dating around Thanksgiving and married APR 27th 1989.

Some might say it was quick (like our parents at the time). Honestly, I knew she was the one almost immediately. She's smart, sexy, and just a hell of a gal. Awesome wife, even better mother.

Normally we take a trip to celebrate our Anniversary. Three of the last six years we've gone to Mexico. This year we have a ton of small trips planned this summer so were saving some loot.

We don't usually buy each other gifts, at her request. I love to buy shit for her. This year I decided to. I picked up an 18v, two speed dewalt screwdriver/drill. If you know my wife. This is right up her alley. I also picked her up a few small items and a card. I just left it on the bed for her to find when she gets home.

WED. night were going out for dinner and drinks with my oldest daughter and her boyfriend (we need a designated driver :) )

Thanks for reading. Just wanted to share what I feel is one of my biggest accomplishments. Not fucking up a great thing that I have.
Sometimes I wonder how my wife has managed to put up with me for almost 10 years. Congrats to you and the Mrs., and best to you both going forward.
Figured I should add some photo's (my avatar was from Halloween when we dressed up "after we were done handing out candy for the night")



celebrating Mojito day


Congrats on 26 years! Feel free to post up more pictures of her... I mean of you two ;).
26 years! You could have killed a man and been out of prison by now :)

Congrats Sir, here's to 50 more...
Congrats to you and your family!

This year is my fifth. Looks like I have a lot of happy years to go :).
I'm on my 2nd time around and still working on year 1. I think the value of having the perfect companion is overlooked by too many and found by too few.
Congratulations to you and the Mrs. !
Congrats, Bill -- 26 is a big number in today's quick-change environment.
Congratulations! It's wonderful to be happy for that long together.

I can say that with authority, because my Dalmatian introduced me to my (current) wife right around that very same day. Only we were engaged for 11 years before getting married in 2002. And it's been so great throughout, that I can hardly remember that I was married earlier for 17 years...

At least I was smart enough to make sure that they were both named Nancy.

Best wishes for another 26, and then some! May they be even better!
Thanks guys. Not only is she a great wife. She is my best friend. People say you have to work hard at marriage. I disagree. Yes there is some give and take. If you love the other person it isn't a big deal.

Love this picture of her. Its from a vacation 3 years ago I believe. Still shocked that I'm married to someone this nice, and this smoking hot.

We've decided that we're not going out for dinner tomorrow night. I'm going to pick up some good steaks, salmon, beer, whiskey, and stay home and celebrate. Oldest daughter and bf are coming out to celebrate with us. Probably play some cornhole or something.

one of our favorite past times :)

I was just notified that we're going out on an impromptu date night tonight after work.........

:) :) :) :)
Wow all of a sudden you are a whiskey drinker Bill. I always wondered how long it would take you to figure out that bourbon>tequila. Have fun!

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