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Most home games (if really home games and NOT underground games) only need a $20 chip if not a $10 chip as the top value chip.
People here (including myself of course) still make higher value chips for decorative and aesthetic fame purposes.

Edit: I still managed to get one $100 chip into play, in a .50/.50 game :)
We played with the Rounders high denoms at 1/100th, and the 5k hit the felt ($50). Only one. It was the trophy basically for the chip leader. I was surprised how much play the 1k for $10 worked. It was .5/1 game. Did a cool 8 hours and lost $20. Hehe. Leader took about

@Timmah likely works for the Shelbyville casino, if I knew who to ask for I'll swing by and chat with you at your table, as long as you know how to deal omaha ;)

I'll even bring some interesting checks / plaques for you to check out. and / or (who doesn't work there any more) could point me out, just tell the dude with the Icarus CPC set :sneaky: I could come by tonight or tomorrow during the day, my home game is tomorrow.

Here is dinner for tomorrow

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So I work in table games in a casino. The chips that we have are top hat and cane. The denominations are $1, $5, $25, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, and $25000. Even in the poker room they use these denominations (though the 1k and up aren’t readily used). So I see a lot of nice sets on here. But in place of the $25, they have $20. The casino in me cringes. What is the reason for a $20 chip instead of a $25?

I'm curious. What other things in your life do you find cringe-worthy?
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