15 year old ASM custom clay set "The D & A Casino" (1 Viewer)


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Oct 2, 2022
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After being not so busy on poker in the last 5 years I wonder, that the old chiptalkforum was shut down - but finally I stumbled over PCF, and even that this custom set has been listed somewhere deep down in the chip-pron thread (Gone But Not Forgotten Pr0n) it really would be a pitty, if this set wouldn't be shared with some more pictures, including the add-on order with a new denomination :cool

I placed my first order in 2007 - 375 chips, getting 25 extra chips, 5 in each denomination. And OF COURSE (!!!!!!!!!) it wasnt enough chips :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
So that said, I ordered 600 add-on chips in 2009, including a new 25.000 chip. The chip itself looks quite nice, but I have to mention, that the inlay-texture and resolution was way below the quality of the first order in 2007. I wasnt quit happy with this and so I contacted ASM. They told me that there are different types of inlays - smooth and textured - and that they inadvertently made the new chips with the textured inlays instead of the smooth ones... They gave me 2 options: a discount or a new production of substitute chips... I chose the discount, but well, maybe I should have go with the substitute chips :D but after all, these texture issue is not a very big deal for me, because in game situations no one watches the inlays, all just watch their stack size and the chip colors :cool With the 600 chips came "only" 10 extra chips - that was bit confusing, because I expected a lot more... maybe the production process of these chips has been really great so that there was no need to produce "safety chips" to replace the bad ones.

All the chips aint have any real split spot issues, the new 25.000 has some spots that came close to split pots, but the look is so gorgeous that I almost like these spots more than the normal ones. Due to the fact that the clay colors may vary a bit from year to year, I am quit happy, that the add-on chips are pretty close to the original chips.

These beautys look, feel and stack like they have arrived yesterday and I love them from the first to the last chip - the extra chips from the add-on order are well placed in an extra tray and never seen a poker game - so these chips are brand new to this day... I love to see the brass flakes on these ones, on the chips-in-use these brass flakes are not as noticiable as on the unused chips.

I am still extremely proud, that ASM used my red 25 chip as a sample image on their price list back in the days. That was, still is, and I think will be a very special think to know to the rest of my life .. AMEN :love:

I oiled these chips 2 or 3 times in the last 15/13 years and I am glad that these chips stay healthy all the time and that the colors are still so vibrant.

So, enjoy the pictures :) I love them all, but the 5000 is my absolute favourite

25 / Red / 4A14 / dg pink / arc yellow
100 / Black / 3D14 / dg green / imp blue
500 / Lavender / 3D14 / pink / dg peach
1000 / Yellow / 6A14 / chocolate / dg yellow
5000 / Chocolate / 6A14 / dg green / arc yellow
25000/ white / 6A14 / red / dg peach


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Two Pair
Oct 2, 2022
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Nice chips and nice inlays!
Yeah. Sandy (if I remember her name correctly) of ASM did an outstanding job to match the fading color with the chip-/edgspot colors. I send her a simple selfmade design that was far from 100% and I asked her if she could add these fading effects. And well, she could :love:

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