10NL ACR Blitz: How does this guy not bet flop or river with his set of Queens?? (1 Viewer)


Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
As I gave away V's hole cards in the title I'll show them during the replay.
V RFI 2.3BB in HJ with QQ. Folds to Hero who calls with 66. BB Folds.
Hero regularly flats small PPs in the SB. I am not "supposed" to call these (not a GTO call) but often do.


Flop goes X/X?? Wow not understanding this action by V. How does he X his set of Queens here??!!


He does fire turn. If he had bet smaller I would have X/R as I improved. Given V's bet size I decide to just call.
I think the larger the bet, the more they are polarized and raising doesnt accomplish anything the more polarized they are.
I would have X/R a 1/2 pot bet or smaller for sure.


*BINK* and it goes X/X??!! How does this guy not bet river? is he psychic?
I guess flatting in the SB is a lot of PPS and this board just hits all of those but man this guy is tight!


I dont have many hands with him so the HUD stats arent super reliable but he doesnt look this tight!

I think the check back on flop is fine a decent amount of the time with specifically top set. Though, if he thinks your range is middle pair heavy, he probably should bet as you have to defend a lot.

On river... I dunno. How many two pair do you have calling out of the SB? How many sets other than 99 do you have here as played? Seems like you have a lot of missed flush draws or 66 as you don't really have sets or two pair here. I'd probably still bet personally to get looked up by your two pair and stuff.
Relatively dry flop, probably figured you're unlikely to have much because he has 2 of the queens, wanted to give you a freebie to catch up and conceal his hand a little.

On the river, there's a nasty straight-making combination and he figures it's not worth the risk of creating a shitty situation over a smallish pot when he could just check and go to showdown.

This is really not bad at all. Suspect you're just salty because he didn't pay you off.
Doesn’t seem too out of line to check on the flop or river with the scary runout. I would have probably lead out with a medium sized bet on the river as X/X is quite a disaster. Note down that he’s a nit and then keep playing with him?
The check on the flop make sense since he blocking top pair and is a rainbow board. V probably think he not going to get 3 street of value and want to offer you some chance to catch up

As for the river, he probably don’t think he can get any worse to call his bet especially on a 4 liner straight board since you didn’t X/R on the turn he probably put u not on a set / straight and only on a draw with 1 pair type of hair which some of them get there at the river

Funny thing is if u X/R on the turn, V might have a higher chance to pay u off via your river bet since V is still wining some smaller sets and missed flush draw

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