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Mar 14, 2022
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Pittsburgh, PA
Looking for foldable 10 person. So far I've seen Triton for $1500 and Barrington for under $500.
1. Is Triton that much better to make it worth the price?
2. Any other tables I should consider?
3. What are some foldable chairs that work well with these tables?

Thanks for any opinions!
1. 1500 is expensive but everyone Ive spoken to is blown away by them. Barrington feel cheaper, the stock felt and cupholders suck but it works really well for simple home games.
2. Foldable, not that I can think of other than cheaper options, folding toppers place on other tables.
3. Folding or stacking work well. I like simple padded folding chairs from Walmart that I dont mind keeping in the garage but you get what you pay for, others can chime in with nicer options.
You can find some good deals a lot of times on Facebook marketplace if you are patient. Barrington tables pop up every now and then in my area. Right now someone has a used ESPN table for $150 on marketplace. Throw a topper on from @rjdev7 and you have a custom looking table that the cards glide across like you are playing on an air hockey table!!! All for less than $500. Walmart's website sells the ESPN Barrington tables for $299 I believe.
I also use padded folding chairs from Costco. They work well and store away just fine when I am done.
As far as chairs go, I’d just say don’t make that decision lightly. I waited until I found a good deal on used gassers. Those stack, so they may take up slightly more space than folders, but maybe not. But I wrote to say that I went to a show recently where the seating was padded folding chairs. My butt was legit angry after about 45 minutes, and fairly tortured by the time the show was over. Now I imagine it’s not quite so bad if you’ve got a padded rail to lean on the whole time. But regardless, I don’t think I could have made it through a 5-8 hour session in those. So maybe buy one and rest it before you buy them all? Or just find some folders with obnoxious amounts of padding?
I don’t know, but I feel strongly that good chairs are about as important as anything for the overall poker experience.
You want chairs that can stack, not fold. Folding chairs won’t be comfortable.

Triton tables are pretty awesome as well.

Buy once cry once!
Our Barringtion 10-Player poker table arrived today. We've set it up and I have to say I'm very pleased. It came well packaged (ordered from WalMart) and while the outer box had seen some minor combat during shipping, the inner box was unscathed.

One tiny issued noted so far... it's 'pinchy' ! Watch those fingers when closing the two halves to re-locate or store it.

Super happy and at less than $300, family budget harmony is intact.

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