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Jan 16, 2023
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California, USA
Is there a difference between the fantasy casino Paulson chips such as these World Top Hat & Cane vs actual Paulsons from former Casinos such as these Indiana Grand chips. I notice the WTHC have the extra suits mold where as the actual casino chips only have the Top Hat & Cane Mold. Do they use the same materials and just add the suits for the mold? Does anyone know where I can get samples for the WTHC? can’t seem to find a sample set, really just looking for 5, 25 & 100. Thanks


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same material made by the same company. main differences are the mold and to a small degree the type of inlay used. The mold mainly affects the "feel" of the chip and how the chips wear.

if you want a sample put up a WTB or keep an eye on the classifieds as they do pop up from time to time.

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