WSOP ME Final Table Chip Total Progression 1995 - 2018 (1 Viewer)


Nov 7, 2014
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Northern VA
I recently got back into following/streaming the WSOP after a few years and was surprised by how many chips were in play with 26 remaining. A combination of boredom and curiosity led me to spending some time looking up overall chip totals from the past several years and figured some of you might be interested as well. Right now I only have full data from 1995 - present but I haven't done extensive searches to find older data. Note that this data is how players started the main event final table each year.

A couple of random facts:

- The "inflation" of total chips at play at the ME final table this year has increased 14,324% from 1995
-Nicolas Manion and Michael Dyer both enter today with the highest chip totals at the start of a Main Event final table ever
-Manion has more chips in his stack to start the final table than there were total at the 2006 ME final table. 2006 has the largest field ever (but was the last to have 10k starting stacks)
-Antoine Labat enters today as the tiny stack. If he had the same chip stack in 2007 he would have still only been 8th in chips despite there being more than three times the chips in play in 2018
-The biggest year to year increase in % of chips is unsurprisingly between 2003 and 2004 when the field tripled. It's the biggest increase despite there not being a starting stack increase
-The amount of chips in play increased by almost 144,000,000 chips between 2015 and 2016

I will probably update the spreadsheet with more information like player names and where chip positions finished as a side thing to do while streaming the final table over the next few days.
Nice work. Took those numbers and adjusted them to account for the various starting stacks over time (10K, 20K, 30K, 50K).

It is an overall growth of 2784.80% since 1995.


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