WSOP Chip Usage - 2007 Rio Primary Paulson Set (1 Viewer)

I find myself constantly coming back to this and the other companion WSOP threads for reference, just wanted to thank everyone for all of their incredible work putting this incredible resource together!
Need these to expand my 4W set. Lets hope Jim can find a way.

Thats disappointing but understandable. Interesting to read old methods included dumping in Lake Meade and going into casino foundations. Grew up watching WSOP and absolutely fell in love with this set, would be so cool to just have a sample set of the real thing....

Are those regulations just for Nevada? Is that why you see chips like Indiana Grand in circulation?
Not confirmed, I just figured that's where they were going........... ;)
Is that actually confirmed? Thought there was potential for tournament to be handled differently than cash chips when it came to Nevada regulations.

I have to think someone at WSOP would see value in selling these chips.
Regardless of the actual wording of the regulations, the NGCB still maintains that all Nevada casino gaming chips -- even no-value NCV -- must be destroyed.

Can't sway 'em with facts or logic.

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