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Oct 28, 2014
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Tampa FL
So I'm living in Florida now, looking for new tires for my car. Going through the Firestone tool that helps you select tires based on your driving conditions and I put in dry and wet conditions, and it recommends WINTERFORCE tires.

So I go back and remove wet and just have dry highway conditions, and it STILL recommends WINTER fucking tires. Are you kidding me? (and yes, I put in my florida zip code)
Then I use their chat function to talk with someone to help me, and I explain the situation and mention my tires are 215/55 R17 and he comes back and recommends a set of tires that are 215/60 R16

Oy fucking vey! NO BUSINESS 4 U!
I just used firestone for tires. I know what im looking for so it was not biggy for me. The have the best price going right now with buy 3 get 1 free and a $70 rebate on certain tires. You may want to give them another chance.
Been checking their deals and it's either buy 3 get 1 free or the $70/140 money back thing, can't be combined. And the tires they have that fit my car have kinda meh reviews from what I could find online. Going to keep looking
If you care at all about performance and safety, Tire Rack is your friend. They work with installers in your area. You buy from TR, tires are shipped directly to your chosen installer, you go there by appointment for mounting.

I wouldn't buy from any else, other than a racing-specific tire dealer.
I've used Tire Rack twice, Larry, but don't the shipping fees offset most savings?
Tirerack is the only place I'll use besides super cheap deals on tires on the car forums I'm a member of. Also my experience with Firestone over the years has been horrible. They won't ever see a car of mine again.
I have used Discount Tire for the last couple sets I have bought. Customer service has always been great and they fix tires for free whether you buy from them or just come in randomly with a slow leak.

I have never thought about tires being stored in proper conditions. I will have to think about that and consider Tire Rack in the future.
Another positive vote here for Tire Rack. And another negative one for Firestone.

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