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Final table!

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We’re at prizes for the top 5 spots right? I’ll send a sample set of my ABC customs to 6th place, thanks again for for doing this @Windwalker !!
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I came in 6th!!!! Lol. I feel like that properly completes my story on this one after getting a golden ticket for getting zero out of 14 on the quiz. I’ll gladly send these to whoever ends up on the prize bubble
@Windwalker thanks for hosting. That was a great time.

@navels appreciate you running a sweet set-up.

Well done both! It was nice to see so many PCFers come together and enjoy a couple of terrific hours. Hopefully these aren’t so rare.
That was a lot of fun, fair play.

Thanks so much to you both, @navels and @Windwalker — see you in Lake Como soon for the next European meetup, yeah, Krish?

I knew I had a shot when this was the first hand of the entire tournament...


... Alas, it wasn't meant to be!
Here are the final tournament standings:

1. @The_dude wins the beautiful PCF-made 1000-chip Thunderbird Vegas tourney set.
2. @natumes wins the 500-chip historic ACF tourney set.

Please note that for both the sets above, by accepting the prize / giveaway, you are entering into a 1-years strict ROFR for the cost of shipping, to prevent flipping.

3. @ovo wins the two California casino sample sets from The Horseshoe Gardena and The Outpost Casino.
4. @xdan wins two brand new card setups.
5. @mattross1313 gets a PCF supporting membership to use for himself, or gift to someone he picks.
6. @DJ_Fett wins a @cgpilot-provided 6th place prize of a sample set of CDI 98 chips!


7. @Josh Kifer wins a @DJ_Fett -provided sample set of ABC Customs!


Other Notables: @inca911 was the first to bust, but redeemed himself by side-action betting on @The_dude to win!

This was the winning hand of the tournament:

heads up all-in 4.png

All winners -- please send me your mailing addresses via PM, and I will get your prizes to you. @The_dude -- let me know if you want to do a local LA pickup.

Thanks everyone!!
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