Why is baseball the best sport on the planet? Discuss. (6 Viewers)

Baseball? Best sport ever?

Always enjoyed George's point of view on the subject.

LOL. While I enjoyed that clip, I'm not quite sure I know his point of view after seeing that video.

But I do know that baseball is the best sport. The best.
Sticky McShnickens! Although it’s not always the most exciting sport to watch, it requires tons of thinking and anticipation. I’ve seen some of the craziest plays in all of sports from baseball. One of my favorite memories was 4th of July 2012 at a Boise Hawks game. Hawks won and watched an awesome firework show with a beautiful woman. It doesn’t get much better than that.
Hitting, fielding, catching, throwing all core elements of the game. Unlike most sports, in baseball you have to be great at all of them or be able to throw a 95mph fastball - lol.

Outside of maybe golf, the technical skill aspect of baseball is huge. In addition, the situational knowledge, etc, you have to always be thinking.
Baseball IS the best sport ever & if you don't agree you don't like drama & or have never played it / don't understand how hard it actually is.

This btw is a very sore subject for me. I definitely don't like the direction, politics & hypocrisy of MLB baseball over the last couple of years & I'm nearing another divorce from it like back in '94. I'll leave it at that because I don't want to go full Negative Nancy on you here on glorious thread. I will still support other forms ie Little League for example.

I fell in love listening to games on the radio growing up & went crazy for it in '87 when I went to my 1st playoff game vs STL which was also ironically the last year I played organized ball. Was in the Parking Lot for Game 3 of the '89 WS but didn't get in because of the Quake & had to wait until 2010 to get a chance to return to a WS game.

If you've ever been to a game & didn't have fun guess what? You went with the wrong people!!

Been to over 1,000 games.
Most of them in SF at both Candlestick & PacBell. I've also been on the road to root my team on @ the Oakland Coliseum, Dodger Stadium (best hot dogs-dont tell anyone I said that), Anaheim Stadium, Jack Murphy, Petco (saw Barry hit #755 there), Milwaukee County Stadium (friendliest fans ever), Wrigley Field & Busch Stadium. Seen games at Fenway (what is that smell) & Old Comisky too but unfortunately the Giants weren't playing. (Really would like to catch a game at Coors Field & PNC at some point)




Even the best band EVER were huge baseball fans...and I'm not just saying that because Geddy wore a "Pitch to Barry" shirt either.
I’ll take Cricket before baseball.

So samosa in one hand, and sure enough, a chai tea in the other!

I can’t get behind the sport of baseball. Got too much hockey in my blood. Call it a character flaw.
Baseball is the best because it’s different than all the rest. Pretty much every other team sport is just some version of going back and forth trying to score on each others goal. But baseball is different. And it’s uniquely American. Fenway park and Wrigley Field. Hot dog and a beer. Players goofing during rain delays. It starts in the spring, thrives in the summer and wraps up in the fall, just like life.
Baseball is the best.

Baseball is the best but they are doing their best to ruin it by making all these rule changes to try and speed up the game to modernize for the microwave society of today. DH across the board now (pitchers don't hit unless you are Ohtani), extra inning rules (free runner on 2nd, phhht), pitch/hitter clocks (holding on runners is becoming impossible). Removes a lot of the strategy of the game. Yes it's a slow game with no time clock, was created that way and worked fine that way for years. Still love the game and it's so much better than football (both kinds), basketball & whatever those other sports people play. Can't just be a dumb jock, it's a thinking man's game.
IMO, this whole discussion is kind of pointless if you don't distinguish between team and individual sports, as well as "sport" in general.
... MLB ... latest rule changes suck though.
True, clocks in baseball are a needless complication in a sport in which fitness is completely unnecessary.

Baseball could have addressed the time problem a long time ago by implementing one simple rule: Once the batter enters the batter's box, if he voluntarily steps out of the box, it's a strike. Let him adjust his jock strap on his own time...

Eliminating every inning warm-ups by the team taking the field would have helped, too. And giving the pitcher only three warm-up pitches.

I pitched in high school and college. Today's game is *so* boring I wouldn't even want to play.

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