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Aug 10, 2017
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Lancaster, CA
Ok. Hopefully this thread is in the right place. Moderators, Feel free to move if necessary.

I have some casino chips that I have applied a decal over the inlay. If anyone can correctly ID all four chips with proper denomination, I will send you your choice of a shuffling stack of "Tree Fiddy" chips or a sample set from our annual "Save the Tatas" tourney, which includes a ceramic 20k chip, a Claysmith labeled 50k chip and an acrylic 100k plaque. No purchase necessary. Lol. Just thought it would be a fun challenge. First pic is your challenge. Others are the choice of prize.


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Flamingo $1. Caesar's Palace $2. Foxwoods $1. That last one though...
Flamingo $1
Caesars Palace $2
Foxwoods $1
Mark Twain .50?
Winner winner. Ok dang, I forgot I'm dealing with professionals here. Like I just threw a 60 mph fastball at Derek Jeter. Lol.

Thanks for for playing. Let me know what you want and where to send.
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Definitely not a professional...just needed to get my guess in quick before the real pros chimed in.

I’d like to get my hands on those TaTa’s
Try including 'supply casino dates of operation' to your contest requirements next time. :)
Try including 'supply casino dates of operation' to your contest requirements next time. :)
Great idea. Although then I'd have to go research the answers. Lol. I was actually going to include a couple smaller California card rooms and a cruise line chip, but thought, "Nah, this will already be too hard." Turns out I'm the fish on this forum.

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