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Oct 28, 2014
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East Valley, Arizona
Has anyone had vinyl siding (CertainTeed Cedar Impressions) installed on their home? Happy with it? Expensive?

I'm seeing quotes with different materials that make me want to head right to the roulette table. I'm prowling the web but not a lot of objective resources around stuff like this.
We had CertainTeed Mainstreet siding installed over the original real cedar siding on our townhouse in VA about four years ago. It was the siding of choice in our townhouse community, and excellent quality, with competitive pricing.

At least ten other units (out of 40) in the community also went with CertainTeed, with no complaints to date.
Around 20K for vinyl siding on three sides (two stories on sides, three in back), paint stucco front face, and build new font porch. 10 years ago. Perfectly happy.
We got a quote for siding for 37K for 2000 square foot home; 1 level in front, 3 levels in back (Gambrel). Roof was 10K which is reasonable IMO but I feel like nobody pays 30K for a home my size for vinyl nowadays. The stuff I saw online was more in like with your 20-22K. Got another quote for 45K and basically just laughed at him.
Got HardiPlank siding about 5 years ago, split level cost me $17k including some improvements. I like the HardiPlank because it is cement fiber rather than plastic. I have seen vinyl fences melt, and BBQs making vinyl siding melt, but cement fiber helps against fire, so I felt better about it. Also, it seemed to help insulate my home so my heat & a/c costs have been reduced. In 10 more years I might need to paint, only down side. 25 year paint, so I figure 15.

I have Hardi where there's no brick on my house. That was the original construction material (1996), but I'd look at Hardi before vinyl if I was doing a replacement. It's held up great.
Looks like it's time to switch to well whiskey and bud lite!

CertainTeed Impressions are pretty much top of the line when it comes to vinyl siding. They are the most expensive product I deal with on a regular basis. They've gone up in price (off the top of my head) 20% over the past 10 years or so.

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