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Nov 8, 2014
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Edmonton, Alberta
Is there a thread to help determine the value of certain chips. Any chips purchased through groups buys or from vendors or casino chips are fairly easy to research. However, I have 100 of these chips. Lightly stamped with a "1" on one side $1.00 on the other but 98 of them still have the Terrible's relabel.
Can someone either direct me to where I can do some research?
Thanks in advance.
Your most compatible chip to that chip is going to be a 1998 THC Casino De Isthmuth (CDI) James Bond Chip 1$ value. They go for 2-3$ I think
Tough to reseach, other than getting opinions. Spotted THC hotsamps showing significant use - I'd say they're worth face walue. Maybe a little more to somebody who has matching chips.

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