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David gave me an update last weekend that FDL is going in right after the scrown that’s currently in wraps up. I do believe that I am the only FDL order currently in but it sounds like he needs a bunch of FDL samples so that’s why it’s running next. Figured it might help give people a timeline of how far they might be out with whatever goes in after FDL.
Just signed for my scrown order at the post office after a missed delivery yesterday. Will open them later this evening.
Anybody else in the current scroll ordering list? David couldn't tell me when scroll will run, but I will receive the artwork proof (probably) next week...
It ran right before B Diamond last year so I would think it would be really close to it again. I believe its a bit order dependant but I believe there's a couple of you in the que.
I checked my notes as SCROWNS have been going for 2 months now. Wow, didn't expect that from SCrowns. Curious why so many on that mold. :unsure: Thanks for the info
HHR gang checking in, anyone else? Told myself to wait a year plus after the last set, but I'm weak and the deadline is rapidly approaching. Now to try and find a designer that isn't Jeep :sneaky:.
I might be able to help w/ design.

My HHR add-on order went in March 26th. No idear when the run will be.

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