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3 of a Kind
Apr 5, 2013
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So this weekend I am co hosting a tourney at a friends house
This is a 50$+10$ bounty deep stack tourney 20000 to start

There are about 4 really good players 2 McSuper tilt the other 18 or so are calling stations that have a basic knowledge of the game

Here is the reason for post
I am a good player with a good long term win rate medium ability to read players and change gears when needed. What would your strategy be ?
I was thinking get caught early bluffing a few times play loose but reasonable against calling stations play small pots against good players and tilt the tiltAbles
Most of the players know me to be a good player and sometime play at me because of it
So said donk fest did not go so well for me tourney wise knocked out in fourteenth out of fifteen I forgot facture the they don't know what they are doing so rant going to fallow conventional betting lines and I got caught by an erroneous bet and lost. On a happy note I came out of the day ahead ( cash game went well )

not quite on the BUBBLE
In southwestern ont in the middle of nowhere in a town that no one has heard of

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