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Sep 9, 2022
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Washington, DC
Hey PCF... thinking of adding a little twist on a bomb pot to my regular home game, but wanted to get y'alls feedback. I call it a Tribute Pot or a Tiki Tribute.

When the game starts, you add a (tiki) mug to the table, starting with the cut off. The mug travels counter-clockwise, moving with each new hand. When you get the mug, you are obligated to put in .5bb (for our small-stakes game, this is 25c). When a player tables a pre-determined hand at showdown -- I'm thinking trip sixes, or any hand containing a suicide king, etc. -- the next hand we dump the tribute mug and deal out a bomb pot.

Thoughts? I've thought about adding optional things like rather than paying the table for losing the 7-2 game, you pay the Tiki, or allowing players to send the tiki to others out of order for 2bb.

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