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Nov 9, 2014
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Louisville, KY
About what blind level will this 50 person tournament end? My guess is about level 17 or 18. I can gauge a 10 or 20 man tourney but never been part of a 50 person tournament.
Also what would your recommended add on amount be? Not sure they are doing it but I would like to know your thoughts.

Im providing the chips for a 50 person tourney With 8k starting stacks of 8/8/6/4 T25-T1000
I built my CPS set to run a 50 person tourney but it's going to be close. Please tell me if it's not enough.
It's a charity game for a friend of Courage and I.

Hes thinking 20 min blinds but that my be 15 depending on what blind level you all think it will end.

L1 25-50
L2. 50-100
L3. 75-150
L4. 100-200
L5. 150-300
L6. 200-400
L7. 300-600
L8. 500-1000
L9. 700-1400
L10. 1000-2000
L11. 1500-3000
L12. 2000-4000
L13. 3000-6000
L14. 5000-10k
L15. 7k-14k
L16. 10k-20k
L17. 15k-30
L18. 20k-40k
L19. 30k-60k
L20. 50k-100k

Chip breakdown
100-T100k not that they will hit the table.

400k total bank, getting past 40k BB will be tough. Sounds like you have it estimated right. BG will chime in soon, I'd bet. Add-on of 2-4k sounds reasonable to me, but that would only add one level at most I think.
8/8/6/4 is T8000 starting stacks, right?

Fifty players at T8000 is T400,000 in play.

If the tournament hasn't ended earlier, it's pretty much guaranteed to end in the round where the big blind hits 10% of the chips in play, or 40,000. Even if you last two players have a 50/50 split of the chips, at 200,000 versus 200,000, the small stack is at five big blinds. (Less if it's an uneven split.)

There's a very good chance it will end by the time the big blind hits 5% of the total, 20,000, which is your level 16 (heads-up small stack has no more than 200,000, which means 10 BB or less), but it will surely not progress past level 18, unless you're allowing rebuys, in which case it depends how many rebuys - but that rarely adds a full level (you'd have to have 50 rebuys to push up the average length by a whole level.)

For level durations - if you don't have professional dealers, I say don't go with 15 minute levels. People self-dealing at a tourney often have enough trouble getting many hands in, and they feel like the blinds are changing every ten minutes.

If the game looks to run too long, instead of 15 minute levels, I strongly suggests reworking your level structure to just have fewer levels. You have a bunch of points where your blinds only increase by 1/3; it can be pumped up if there are too many levels. In my opinion, the longer levels are worth having a slightly less smooth level progression.
Sounds like you want the tournament to last around 5 hours. Personally, I would go with 15 minute levels using the following blind structure if you are doing a freeze-out (No-re-buys) tournament:

L1 25-50
L2. 25-75
L3. 50-100
L4. 75-150
L5. 100-200
L6. 150-300
L7. 200-400
L8. 300-600
(Break) Remove T25's
L9. 400-800
L10. 500-1000
L11. 600-1200
L12. 800-1600
L13. 1000-2000
L14. 1200-2400
L15. 1500-3000
L16. 2000-4000
L17. 2500-5000
L18. 3000-6000
L19. 4000-8000
L20. 5000-10000
L21. 6000-12000
L22. 8000-16000
L23. 10000-20000
L24. 12000-24000

The above format, with breaks, should finish within 6 hours. (L21 or 22)
With 15-minute levels, your proposed schedule will last around 4 hours (plus breaks), likely ending by the end of L16. About 5-1/2 hours (plus breaks) with 20-minute levels. It's pretty aggressive, with increases ranging from 33% to 100%, averaging 50% over the life of the tournament.

You have plenty of chips for 50 players and T8000 (8/8/6/4) starting stacks (160BB). Using T1000 chips to color-up T25's and T100's and using T5000 chips to color-up T500's, you will need:
400 x T25
400 x T100
300 x T500
250 x T1000
30 x T5000

You will have around 280 chips in play at the end of the tournament. You aren't likely to get to the point where T25K's could be used to color-up all T1000 chips (although half could be taken out of play towards the end, if desired).

If you are wanting to keep it shorter, I'd advise keeping the blind level times at 20 minutes, and ramping up the blind structure. Here's one with very uniform increases (50%-67%), averaging 61%:

L1 25 50
L2 50 100
L3 75 150
L4 125 250
L5 200 400
remove T25 chips
L6 300 600
L7 500 1000
L8 800 1600
L9 1200 2400
L10 1800 3600
remove T100/T500 chips
L11 3000 6000
L12 5000 10000
L13 8000 16000 **
L14 12000 24000 **
L15 18000 36000
L16 30000 60000
L17 50000 100000

Event should end no later than L14, or about 4.5 hours (plus two breaks).

I wouldn't mess with re-buys or add-ons, unless your intent is to generate more cash for charity. In that case, I'd offer T8000 rebuys until the first break, and a T5000 single-chip add-on at the end of L5 (first break) -- you have plenty of extra T1000 and T5000 chips for both. The extra chips in play will add another 1/2-hour or so the overall tournament length (L15 in my structure).
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I like bginga's 20 min structure. I'd do rebuys for first hour but skip the add-on.

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