SOLD Tournament set : SunFly oversized hybrids + MSK plaques (WSOP 2007 Secondaries Tribute) (2 Viewers)

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Jan 28, 2016
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With my recent acquisition of a CPC set, this one will see less and less playtime and then I'm listing it for anyone looking for a versatile tournament set.



The set is a tribute to the WSOP 2007 secondaries chips with a simple black label featuring the chip denomination and italian sentence meaning "until the end".

What is included :
- T25 x 100 + 10 extras - SunFly 43mm hybrids
- T100 x 100 + 10 extras - SunFly 43mm hybrids
- T500 x 60 + 10 extras - SunFly 43mm hybrids
- T1000 x 100 + 10 extras - SunFly 43mm hybrids
- T5000 x 30 + 6 extras - MSK "marble" plaque 82mmx57mm
- Bounty x 10 + 2 extras - MSK "marble" 45mm jeton
- Genuine B@G racks with lid x 4
- Ceramic dealer button 60mm
- Hybrid dealer button 60mm
- A set of ceramic smaller (49mm) HORSE buttons - One side says "1st orbit", the other says "2nd orbit" (which can be useful when we are down to 4 players)
- 6 "champion" medals (5 have already been issued)

The breakdown is ideal for STT 20K freezeout or STT 10K re-entry.
There are enough chips for the color-up and issue a on-time arrival 10% bonus.
It can even support 2 x 6-max tables (so 12 players) by using the spare plaques.

The set has been played exactly 5 times and is in mint condition.

Price is 435€ + shipping.

Thanks for looking,
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I don’t know why this set is still there it’s an awsome price for what you get !!

I think it's a good deal but to someone who wants a set with plaques, which not everyone likes.

The cool part with the plaques as 5K is that they are in use right from the beginning of the tournament.
I like plaque in my starting stack !


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