SOLD Burros Horseshoe 43MM Oversized 625 piece Sunfly Tournament Set (3 Viewers)

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Sep 20, 2017
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Hi PCF UP for sale is a 625 piece Sunfly Burros Horseshoe 43MM Tournament Set. This set is a beautiful tournament set in Great Condition that was never felted by me since I bought it a few years ago. With this purchase you will also get the blue eylar case the chips are stored in and get the racks they are currently in. The asking price is $500 shipped and the price is firm. My thought is I am keeping this as a complete set and will not split. Paypal Friends and Family and for now only US shipping. I believe I will be shipping in LFRBs. The breakdown and pictures of the set are below. When I bought the set I told @bsdunbar1 if I ever sold this set I would give him first option to get the set and I have tagged him for that purpose. If anyone is interested you can post you are interested and PM me. If anyone is in Jersey and interested the price would be less if there was a local pickup.

Chip Breakdown by Denomination
25 - 100 chips
100 - 200 chips
500 - 100 chips
1000- 125 chips
5000 - 50 chips
25000 - 25 chips
Bounty - 25 chips
Dealer Button - 1






This is extremely tempting as they are the denoms I’ll need in Mexico except maybe the 25,000. And I’m based in jersey too. I just need to sell my DDLM 1000s. If I can do that I’m scooping these
Thanks @Nuhockey
Sell away, I have just about everything I need for my set
That being said, if it helps anyone wanting to buy them I would be a buyer in any amount of Misc chips you would want to get rid.
I would take any misc qty of 500's, 1k's or 5k's.
Hi all the set has been sold and will ship out tomorrow. Thanks for those that were interested.
Yup I also sold a large set of these a few years ago and regret it.
Everyone who has this set loves these. I love this set also, but I don't host a lot of tournaments myself these days and these just sat. I'm sure I'll regret selling these down the road, but the funds already got used for other chips. I'm going to Mark these sold as they are going to the post office to get sent out soon.
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