SOLD WSOP Tribute Tournament Set 548pcs - Matsui 43mm (1 Viewer)

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Oct 6, 2020
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Oxford, UK
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Edit: The total chip count is actually 548 (as pictured)

It has been a journey, but I don't need 16 sets (9 tourney and 7 cash!) and I have now decided on what I am going to keep.

Up for sale is a Matsui 43mm WSOP tribute T25-based STT set with room for plenty of rebuys and add-ons.. These chips were purchased as part of the original group buy and have been felted a few times (not that you could tell). Chips will ship in their original Matsui racks.



This is a dibs sale - post in the thread and then send a PM. However, in an attempt to keep the chips this side of the pond, I am opening it up to only UK-based chippers for the first 12 hours. After 12 hours, it is open to both UK and EU-based chippers. After 24 hours, it is open to all.

Sale price is £900.00
Shipping is not included
Payment via PayPal F&F, Revolut or bank transfer in GBP
The chips are in the UK and will ship from the UK.
Racks are included
No splits

Chip counts:

T5 x 1
T25 x 121
T100 x 121
T500 x 61
T1000 x 121
T5000 x 81
T25000 (Purple) x 21
T25000 (Beige) x 21
Acrylic Horseshoe dealer button x 1

If you have any questions or require additional photos, please don't hesitate to send me a PM. Thanks for looking.

Postage prices provided are for indication only - send me a PM for confirmation and/or other destinations

201+ chips (DHL/ParcelForce/UPS/Other)

EU - POA but approximately £30.00
US - POA but approximately £50.00




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Bump. Priority for the EU-based folk expires in ~8 hours. There is some interest from the US...
The UK/EU priority period has now expired and is open to everyone. Note: there is already a little interest in these.
FYI - I am away on hols from this Friday for a week. I'll be back on the evening of the 27th of October. Nothing will ship during this period (obviously!).
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