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Apr 2, 2013
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Ellicott City, MD
So, my hosting days are coming to a end, and my custom set can definitely handle that game. I will most likely never host another tournament again, as they are just too much work.

I'm sitting on a 2200 piece set asm solid tournament set and 1400 chip Paulson set. If I'm not hosting, do I need the chips? I don't mean to offend, but I don't believe in owning hoards of chips that I won't use. I love my ASM set, but I don't want them to sit and not got used. I said I would never sell them, but now I'm on the fence.

I know it comes down to my decision, but I'm not sure what I want to do for now.


If you can say with 90+% certainty that you'll never host a tourney again, I say sell. Pretty tough to be that certain, however.

As a compromise, obviously you could unload one set and keep the backup until you're sure.
unless you need the money now, I would sit on them a while until you are sure that you won't host again. They won't depreciate if they are not being used.

You don't know how many times Ive told myself I'm never drinking again.
you're not considering selling your oak tree set are you? i thought we were just talking tourney sets.
Never say never - I wouldn't sell the Royal Cardrooms if I were you. Even if you never use them again, honestly you'd be looking at probably 50-60 cents/chip that they could bring, and I know they're worth more to you than that.

The Oak Trees on the other hand - well, you have a perfectly awesome ASM cash set to use anyway, and I will pay you considerably more than $.50/chip for a few of those racks. Holla at ya boy. [emoji41]
you'll miss the oak trees for sure,
but if you're not hosting any more, just sell,
and if you change your mind later, you'll easily find some great chips on PCF :)
If it's just multitable games you won't be hosting anymore, why not downsize the Royal Cardrooms and keep a set for yourself. And don't sell the Oak Trees, you need those. ;)
At least keep a small set if the asm's. Although if I had the money I would get them. If you do sell them I'm sure they will go to a good home with someone who appreciates them a whole lot...
I would only sell if I needed the money (and even then it would absolutely have to be the last resort). If the only reason was that I wasn't hosting anymore, there is no way in hell I would sell.
I own 5000 Mardi Gras for tourney and I haven't hosted a tournament for years and have zero plans to host one in the future (just cash game). Will likely never host a tournament again. I dunno, only sell for money if needed, otherwise keep for your kids. Both sets fantastic but you can't dump the customs (???). And the cash set is sweet too.
Having participated in your monthly tournaments for a few of the later years, I think there are a bunch of us hoping you'll get the itch again at some point and start it back up... maybe even just the occasional non-league MTT. Maybe not anytime soon, but who knows how you'll feel when the kids are all in college or whenever.

I think of big chip set buys as investments for life. I barely have enough room for a 1-table game now, but scooped up 1600 CPS chips in the recent group buy because I hope to put together something like you did further down the road. 99.9% of the time they will be looking pretty in a case, but that other 0.1% I will be glad I have them around.

I'd understand wanting to offload the secondary cash set more than giving up your one and only (and awesome) tournament set. Sleep on it for a few more years... maybe rent it out for birthdays and bar mitzvahs in the meantime? :)

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