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Dec 9, 2014
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I have all of my chips in Saudi here in boxes and cases. I'm going to build a wooden hand cut dovetail box that will hold 9 racks of CPC chips. Since I have no racks with me could someone please measure the dimensions (mm) for three 70mm racks stacked with chips. I'd like to start getting my panels squared up. It looks like there is some high quality imported wood in Khobar. I'm thinking Rosewood maybe.

Thanks so much for your help.
inches and mm:
8.2L x 3.0W x 5.5H
208L x 76W x 140H
Will you be stacking the racks? Remember the second layer nests onto the first, so the height of two racks is not double the height of one rack.
dimensions asked for (and posted) are three stacked racks.
I used to work with Rosewood at an old job, anything you build out of it will be beautiful, if you have some skill in wood working..

Good luck with the build. Pic's as soon as you can please....
Measure with micrometer, mark with chalk, cut with chainsaw. Piece o' cake. ;)

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