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Jun 14, 2022
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Georgia, USA
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Hey party people, I'll be heading back to my old town for business and will swing by to pick up more of these cardboxes. I personally love them and have kept a few; Ill be buying in bulk and any that aren't sold here will end up at the local bridge club. I collect more cards than chips and think these complement them very nicely, fancier than having to mess with a plastic box that may pinch them or shaking the cardboard to get the last damn card out of it.

Past sales are linked below, but these hold bridge or poker size. They look sharp and make it easy to pick up cards while being able to hold an entire tuck box or just the deck, never struggle to get a deck out of a box again. Nice desk piece too; can easily label them for storage if you'd rather go that way but I like mine plain. Think they look surprisingly classy for the price, but don't take my word for it, I've got as much class as an out of work schoolteacher.

Reviews are in my bio and past threads. I've sold hundreds, and any (3) that had a problem I sent a full refund even if a little wood glue would fix the problem immediately. Ask for more details or pictures.

20230212_095455 (1).jpg

A10C0B26-91CA-47BA-A38B-A4EB51DEC99E (1).jpeg

This is what I mean by easy to grab: they dont fall like this naturally, but pushing on one side makes it easy to scoop the whole deck, and I like the look of it. Friend has also put the bridge scoring on the underside of the lid, cool idea. Originally made for a grandfather who had trouble taking decks out of their paper boxes, that really makes me happy, played War and 500 with Grandpa growing up.
20230212_100356 (1) (1).jpg

1 box, box+padded envelope: $30 shipped. Most of this is the darn shipping, doesn't fit in a small flat rate. I really prefer selling as larger groups cause I'm lazy, and this is priced accordingly.
2 boxes, MFRB: $44 shipped
3 boxes, MFRB: $58 shipped
4 boxes, MFRB: $70 shipped
6 boxes, LFRB: $94 shipped, *bigger box

Special Deal That Will Now Go Until Sold:
4 boxes for $59 shipped
6 boxes for $82 shipped

More than 6: just reach out, definitely down to make a bigger deal happen but don't feel like adding up random intervals. There are many of these boxes but I don't want a hundred of them laying around the house, this isn't my job.

***Also interested in trades for cards, Flamingo $1s, AS $100s, or the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25s; always open to random other chips but not building any more sets right now. I have cash to add obivously, just let me know.***

I buy in stacks of 20 and need to know by Wednesday how many I'm coming home with, so let me know any big interest before then but I'll have many extras. I'll probably grab 60 or 80 depending on interest. Nothing ships out immediately! Picking up Thursday and will be in Jersey for my nephew's 1st birthday so next Monday (5/20) would be the very earliest. I'll reach out sometime later this week and will pack/ship on the 20th-22nd, barring any emergencies.

I will reach out with a PM when I have them in hand with my PayPal link and request shipping info, won't be for a few days but I'm accounting for the boxes below.

1: @ctestb
2-7: @Joe Harris
8-9: @colter ripton
10-11: @horseshoez
12-13: @Timmah
14-15: @Fishman
16-17: @dpeks13
18-21: @ThorThumb
22-23: @JWJ
24-25: @PogBoom
26-31: @buckeye09076
32: @ctestb Wanted more
33-36: @jkpoker6
37-40: @TheYeti
41-42: @KingWithTheAxe
43-44: @Antrooper
45: @TheCollector25
46: @Fishman wanted more
47: local
48-51: @Seeking Alpha Social Club
52-53: @PokerLegend
54-60: ?
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Thanks OP
and also here's one of my wood boxes sitting on my shelf for years. Finally putting it into use. This one has ribbons underneath for an easy out, inside is suede sort of. These are great additions.

Will you hand deliver to exit 2 on the turnpike on your way home?

If not, I'll take 2
I usually drive but sadly I'm flying Spirit this time, so unless its worth paying for an actual bag I can only bring you one. I'm planning on wearing most of the clothes I'll wear for the weekend lol

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