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Jan 30, 2024
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Hawesville, KY
Bought some The Mint Poker Chips by Claysmith and was wondering what people’s thoughts were? Post pics too.
They are better than dice chips, and typically have a denom on them, the real question is what do you think about them?

Do you have any samples of CPCs or Paulsons? Or other types of chips to compare them to?
Seems like a relatively small investment ($80 for 600 chips?!) to start enjoying poker time with family and friends. I say it's a win!
They were my first set and for some reason I sill miss them. Great, bright colors and a really nice label design IMHO - color matched and everything. They're still my favorite of those Claysmith slugged variations.

2017-02-20 19.59.34.jpg

2017-02-20 20.04.42.jpg

But then I got a barrel of Paulson starbursts and my bank account hasn't been the same since.
Bought some The Mint Poker Chips by Claysmith and was wondering what people’s thoughts were? Post pics too.
I have "The Mint" set by BBO Poker and love them. Different than Claysmiths. It's also easy to fill in the set and expand from BBO Poker - they have inventory and will sell you whatever you want. I love the MINT set - they look awesome in lower lit room, and the colors pop off my black table felt.

Would highly recommend - The ceramic feel is great is nice, and they are hand dipped dye so none of them are exactly the same - they feel good, and aren't too heavy. Been using them about a year and now chips or issues. Clean up nice as well.

13/10 would reco.


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$1 Eye of providence and $100 pyramid!
What a design! Absolutely love them.:eek:
These were my first chips I brought over dice chips before I found PCF. My players thought they were the greatest thing :LOL: :laugh:. I thought they were great too, but after finding PCF I got custom ceramic chips and those are light-years better. Ultimately, do what is best for you and your budget. The only sage advice I can give you is buy once, cry once.


The above our my custom chips from BR Pro. Great customer service and would highly recommend.

Below are my Claysmith Mints in play. They definitely served their purpose.


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