The Official: Who made the Best Hundo Pr0n (1 Viewer)

Something about that Cali water:
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I saw that kelly's, OMG blaze... Every hundo should have blaze imho... maybe not this much tho. Molder was like... "Ahhh, I thought you said base color lol, facepalm"

Cincinnati 100_IMG_0433.jpg

I always keep a barrel of them for whatever the future may bring. Lovely hundos.
Dream Team, Ima take a stab here and guess. Still new to the forum, correct my math here.

Paris 1s on top, ?
then I don't have a clue?
HSI secondary 5s third
Clearly watermelon Jack detroits
And Horseshoe Cin Hundos of course on bottom.
It seems weird, but none of these jumps out at me as and awesome chip. I really want to love the GN black with gold spots, it should be a stunner, but the gold spots seem very dull. Maybe when it was a brand new chip it looked like I imagine it should.
The Nevada Hotel-Casino is my sentimental favorite, because it's the only hundo with a truly unique spot pattern.

The Highway 9 is a great combination of colors. The Vineyard 8-spot is terrific.

But in my honest opinion, if I had to choose just one hundo for the only set I'm allowed to keep, it would be this one, 43mm, hands down:

PS Hundo.jpg
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