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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
Effective today, March 1, 2015, the "Key Club" is now "The Keynote Club."

Our password-protected member page is for owners of Key West Resort & Casino chips and playing cards, and those who would like to be. It's reserved for guests who've bought a significant number of Key West chips, playing cards and other items in the past year.

In the past, we've granted a courtesy membership to everyone here at PCF -- just because this place is so awesome -- and at another site that has something to do with chips in its name. Rather than keeping the doors permanently open, we've decided to close, remodel, and then open to a small group of Key West chip owners and fans, with some real benefits.

How to become a member:
Membership is (strictly) for people who've purchased $150 or more in Key West products over the past 12 months. We're considering offering membership for a fee and will post here if we go with this later in the week.

Keynote Club members will receive:

Free shipping and shipping discounts:
One free small USPS Flat Rate box to any destination in the United States each year with your first purchase that fits inside the box, or the equivalent value if your address is outside the United States. Also, you'll receive a 10-percent discount on the cost of shipping your other Key West purchases.

Free Key West playing cards and discounts:
Six (6) free decks of Key West Resort & Casino playing cards per year. After that, Keynote Club members pay $2.49 per deck for up to 24 more through the year.

Free chips:
Yes, free chips. As a club member, you'll earn one free (real) Key West Resort & Casino chip per quarter, (denominated or roulette), for a total of four free chips per year. You can earn additional chips by placing large orders or contributing to the site.

Other comps:
We occasionally get a box of nice casino gaming items from suppliers and elect not to sell them regularly on our Key West site. When that happens, we offer them as "comps" and drop them into your orders.

Access to "The Drawing Board"
The Drawing Board is the Key West's page showing the development of new products. And we couldn't open the Keynote Club without showing our newest project on the page. (It's there.)

Contests will be coming back, with real prizes, free to the winner.

Live event invitations:
We're planning to hold one live event in the second half of 2015 -- a dinner and some legal casino games, either as a "fun night" using Key West tables, cards and chips, or at an area casino. The location and destination will be available later this year. (Think New York, Key West, Las Vegas or the like.)

How does one get in on this, you ask?
Easy. Buy $150 (or more) worth of Key West casino chips, roulette chips, playing cards, dealer buttons, dealer shoes, chip racks, chip cases, roulette wheels, or other supplies.

If you qualify for membership today, you'll receive a password to get into the page today.
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Where can I buy membership / can I at the moment?

Yes. You can purchase a 12-month membership for $25, and receive all the benefits listed over the 12 months following your join date. (I anticipate the benefits will cost around $45 per member, not counting any comps we add which are not listed above.)

To join, PM me here with your (real) name and address, as well as your PCF name, so I know who you are. I'll open a benefits file for you to keep track and make sure you get the right comps and discounts throughout the year.

To place orders, don't use the site shopping cart. PM orders to me here or by direct e-mail at I will send an invoice by return e-mail showing your total due, if any, after club comps and discounts. Your items will ship upon payment.

If you decide to go ahead, I will send you the password for the Keynote Club page.
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After much careful consideration, I've decided the Key West will not offer membership in the Keynote Club for an annual fee.

Membership will be limited to people who purchase $150 or more in items from the Key West Resort & Casino, and will be free to those members.

As of 9:45 p.m. EDT, the password has been sent out via direct e-mail to each eligible member. Still trying to reach out to two who were CT members and may be using a different screen name here:


I have no direct e-mail for you, Stefan and Brandon. If you are here, please PM me for your password.
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Best of luck with your venture, Dennis. But I think you are going about it all wrong, if trying to attract and interest potential customers is your goal. If not, then maybe you're onto something....
Best of luck with your venture, Dennis. But I think you are going about it all wrong, if trying to attract and interest potential customers is your goal. If not, then maybe you're onto something....

You may be right. Who knows?
Given the last post, I wanted to review what we are doing for those interested in buying a set of Key West chips:

The price: Key West chips sell for $1.49. That's less than CPC's selling price. (Make sure to read the next line.)

PCF Discount: We give PCF members an additional discount of 10 cents per chip. Your price, if you're a member here, is $1.39 per chip. (PM me here for that price.)

Blue $1 face value chips. $1 Key West chips for $1 each. Cash them in whenever you want. Enough said.

The guarantee: Everything we sell is 100-percent guaranteed and may be returned, no questions asked, for a full refund.

Free shipping for samples: If you buy samples, then follow up with a larger order, we'll subtract the cost of shipping your samples.

No waiting: We have over 10,000 new Key West chips in stock today. So, no three-month wait for a group buy.

Fast shipping: So far, we've been able to ship just about everything within 48 hours of an order. It's usually shipped within 24 hours, and can sometimes be shipped within 12 hours. (No extra charge.)

Our fastest order? Hand-delivered to a customer in New Jersey about three hours after she ordered -- on Christmas eve. (Most of that time was the drive. It was raining.)

Shipping costs: We charge what we are charged for shipping. We don't gouge by doubling what the shipper charges us.

The Keynote "club." Buy $150 or more in Key West items, and you're in. (That's a rack of chips and maybe four decks of cards.) After that, its: free U.S. shipping on a USPS small flat rate, 10 percent off other shipping, six decks of cards for free, 40 cents off each of your next 24 decks, and four free chips a year.

The Key West website: Lots of free information, videos, free Key West forms, and really free blackjack, slots and roulette online using virtual Key West chips and cards. No sign-ups. No cost. Just have a flash player, go to the game and start playing.

And more good things are coming. (Check back in a few days.) One will be in a big, big box.
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Great post, I will keep this in mind. I just had a friend ask me about buying high end chips, I will point him in your direction. He hasn't decided if he wants a custom set or not.
"Buy $150 or more in Key West items, and you're in. (That's a rack of chips and maybe four decks of cards.) After that, its: free U.S. shipping on a USPS small flat rate, 10 percent off other shipping, six decks of cards for free, 40 cents off each of your next 24 decks, and four free chips a year"

Just to clarify if I were to place a $300 dollar order would the "perks" be applied to that order or would they start after that order. I think I am reading it as they would apply after the initial order. Correct

Good question. I think the only benefit that is in question here is the shipping discount. So, can you get 10 percent off the cost of shipping your first ever order? No. Here's why:

The moment you place an order for $150 (or more), you are a member and your benefits are locked in. We know we owe you six decks of cards, one casino chip per quarter, one free small flat rate box to a U.S. destination, and 10 percent off shipping on your next order. It was not my intention to give the shipping discount on a first order, or I would have just said, "10 percent off on everybody's shipping all the time."

You earn one free chip by being a member for the quarter. Since March 31 is not too far away, I'd throw the chip in your first order, if that's what you wanted. I'd throw in your six decks of cards, or send them in the free small flat rate box, if that's what you wanted. You could also "save" those benefits until you accumulate two, three or four chips over the next three quarters and order six free decks and four free chips later in the year. (This would be great if you're using the cards and chips at your home game. You'd get fresh decks of cards, and replace some lost chips, all for free.)

I get that you are thinking about a $300 package. If it were me, I would order $300 worth of stuff, since shipping will certainly be cheaper than paying full price for $150 worth of stuff and getting 10 percent off a second $150 package.

The idea behind this structure of benefits is simple: If you like the Key West stuff and use it, buy it when you need it and get something back each time you buy.

Having said that, I really don't get many orders close to $150, so we're in new territory.

People either go all out for Key West, or they get a sample set. Orders are either $18 or $1,500. Four individuals have a combined order total of $6,000. Our biggest customer has spent over $2,000 in a year.

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