The IRON BANK mock ups (1 Viewer)

Baratheon/Mormont chips - obv solution is obv. Make one of them the $2 chip of course!

Step 1: Buy 1200 $2 chips
Step 2: Play 4/8 PLO8 with people who can't even spell PLO
Step 3: Profit

314318a would be perfect for the $100 as well. As it happens, I too have a three-headed dragon chip in the Via Lactea set (far from the ONLY thing that chip represents, but certainly one of the reasons why it is exactly the way it is. ;))
Man I just about cream when I see mockups done on this mold. So unique. Such a hard mold to use. But definitely one of my favorites if not my most favorite.

Good luck.
The man has been contacted regarding dealer buttons. I've told him I'm in no rush so will report back when I have something.
I want them all! So bummed I missed out on the tourney samples and bounty.
A little tease

I'll be offering samples of the dealer buttons if there's any interest. Considering I won't need the minimum of each design.
In for a dealer button. Prefer the beige, but can live with either.
I can't for these to become reality. Huge fan of the show, huge fan of poker. How could I possibly pass up on these? Please contact me if there are sample sets going to be available.

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