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Apr 25, 2013
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We are now making table rail kits. The kit can be just the rail pieces or all parts.
  • Upholstered rail with black vinyl and HD foam: $100 per piece without cup holders
  • Upholstered rail with black vinyl and HD foam: $110 per piece with cup holders installed
  • Custom cloth: $340
  • Kickstands: $40
Prices are all in CAD. Prices do not include shipping.

You build the base by cutting a sheet of plywood into an oval, install your own legs and purchase playing surface foam. Shipping foam from Canada is very expensive so we're not offering it. Or, use it as a topper.

At this time, only black is available for the rail color. I have a little bit of brown in quantity, so that's limited to whoever wants it first.


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Sorry for asking a question that has likely been answered elsewhere, but will these all be for a table of specific dimensions or can they be made to fit dimensions the consumer wants ? If the former, what size table would these accommodate?
I'll have pieces made to fit table that are 84"x42" and 94"x44" which are pretty popular sizes. But that's popular, not standard. Everyone builds different size table.

I'm also willing to make these custom sizes to fit the size of table you're building or retrofitting.

@T_Chan have you ever considered building fitted tops for rectangular tables

Similar to your topper but something modular that would "snap" on to fit a rectangular table
  • Modular rail pieces that extend below table top instead of sitting on top
  • One piece non folding felt n foam
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