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Sep 8, 2022
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Eagan, Minnesota
Hello Chippers, and hosts of course. I’m going through the monthly version of my weekly ritual which is making sure visitors to The Godfather Club are welcomed into a nice, comfortable, and clean card room.

The weekly tasks are fairly straightforward; hand “Zamboni” the table followed by a lint rolling, wipe the rail and cup holders, vacuum, and Frebreeze.

The monthly is a little deeper clean.

I used a clean, dry paint brush to sweep under the rail. Holy man!


All that stuff was under my rail in the inch by inch recess where my LED lives. I don’t know what it is and I don’t want to know but I do know I’m not putting it in my pipe and ripping it!

Next up the playing surface. After the thorough lint roll I’ll take a damp cloth and go after it. Now, I have speedcloth, not suited which is more fabric-like, smooth almost like wallpaper. I mean I went around the table three times folding and refolding the cloth. Needless to say I would not wring it out into a glass and tip that mess back. Shocking.

Next up is the rail. Same deal; hot damp washcloth. Round and round and round the table I go. You’d be surprised what types of smudges and marks don’t come out the first couple of rounds. I follow that up with another clean cloth on which I spray ArmorAll. I don’t use the wipes on the rail as I think they smear or dry funny.

Next up the inset garbage cans, I mean drink holders. A damp cloth crammed in and twisted and twisted, removed and shaken out. Next!

Finally, I hit the upper half of each chair with an ArmorAll wipe. Good enough for my Craigslist free office chairs but not my rail. Shines them up and makes them smell good. (Maybe I should be wiping the “player ass zone” I’ll hire that out.)

That’s the monthly routine. I built Big Red and he’s my friend.

You love your tables and they’ll love you back or at least not gross you and your players out.

Owner of The Godfather Club
Former owner The Frogtown Card Club

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