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Aug 18, 2021
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Louisville, KY
Hello, new to the site, but been reading for a long time.

I bought a set of Majestics a few months ago with this breakdown:

T25 - 100
T100 - 100
T500 - 50
T1000 - 100
T5000 - 50

I was looking to expand to a two table set, where I would just double the set, but then I got to thinking, how could I add on to accommodate 3 tables?

I did a lot of research on here and couldn’t quite get the answer I wanted. Definitely want to keep it under 1000 chips and may even want it to be able to run 2-table with one rebuy if at all possible.

Any suggestions about what I should add on?
You can definitely get 3 tables in under 1,000 chips. How big are your starting stacks? 8/8/4/7 10k stack would mean you need 240/240/120/210 to start out assuming 10 players per table. That’s 810 total chips in play. If you round out the 1,000 chips with all 5ks you’ll have more than enough bank for color ups and rebuys for 30 players. You could even play deeper stacked 20k using 2 5ks in each starting stack and still have a rebuy or add on per player available. You’d also have the flexibility to play with more actual chips when you have less players. For example 20 players could start with 12/12/5/11/1 instead of 8/8/4/7/2.
3-table T25-base set:

240 x T25
240 x T100
120 x T500
240 x T1000 (includes 30x for T25/T100 color-ups)
150 x T5000 (includes 12x for T500 color-ups)
10 x T25000 (for T1000 color-ups if needed)
1000 total chips, with sufficient T5000s for 30 x T30k starting stacks, or 30 x T25k (or smaller) stacks with re-buys (using 8/8/4/7/x). Also supports up to 20 players (with 12/12/5/6/x stacks) as large as T40k, or single table starting stacks up to T100k.
Guarantee this was mentioned somewhere but for the life of me, just can't find it. I know that the 5k chips are the go-to for rebuys for T10k and T20k, but how about for 30k and 40k? Use same method and give out 5k's or combine with 25k chips?

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