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Sep 14, 2022
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Hi everyone,

For one of my project, I'm really hesitating between PolyClay and PolyInno tech from SunFly.

I've emailed them to get some samples, they told me they don't have any for now and need to print new chips at 5$/chip.

Fair enough, but what is your experience with both types of chip? I'm aware of the "core" differences between both chips, but is one the type of chip really above the other in term of quality ?

I'm a casino/cash game guy, and the inlay texture/visual is very important for me. I don't really like when the inlay looks like something printed directly on the chip (like most ceramics we can find on tourney).

Sun-Fly's ceramic print quality on their polyclay chips is excellent. Regardless of whether card or diamond mold, the center printed section will fool many into thinking it is a real inlay, especially at a distance. I find the tactile performance of their 39mm polyclay chips to exceed that of standard ceramics.

Likewise on their polyinno hybrid molds with a recessed center area containing a printed and glossy-laminated label. The print quality of both the label and base chip is excellent, and the sound/feel of the recess/label combo is unique among chips, although it does vary across the different available mold/recess sizes.

I personnaly find the 43mm polyinno with 25mm recess (a PCF design) to be the best available hybrid chip in terms of sound, feel, and weight. Custom chips on that mold can be had for as little as 60c/chip in group buy quantities, making it an excellent value.

You should be able to purchase or borrow samples of the above options from PCF members by placing a wanted ad in the classifieds..... for far less than $5/chip.

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