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Apr 29, 2020
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I am looking to get my hands on some Sun-Fly hybrid chips comparable to the Prestige Group Buy chips for which orders are currently being taken. I have almost no experience with ceramic chips. I have been told to ask for 43mm hybrids with 25mm recess. (HB005 mold blank)

Some examples of these chips would be Atlantic City Boardwalk (the first), Mayfair Club, Havana Room, Mountain Top, Old School, and a couple of other group buy designs, plus any personal custom sets that meet the above criteria.

I was told NOT to get 39mm hybrids (either version) or the 43mm with larger recess -- they don't compare to the Prestige chips.

I am willing to purchase a few samples of the qualifying chips (at least 5 chips) or if someone is willing to loan me some of theirs, I will pay shipping, assess them for a few days, and mail them right back. I'll even provide a deposit if you wish. If you are willing to help me out, I would just ask that you be able to get them in the mail to me early this week. I have had one generous offer from Canada, but we're not sure how long shipping might take, so I'm trying to find something here in the states that I can get within a few days first.

Thanks for your assistance!
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