Strange line - do you call 3 streets? (1 Viewer)


Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
10NL Blitz on ACR. First hand with V so no HUD stats.

Hero RFI. BB calls. Standard.


Flop strongly favors our range but V donks 1/2 pot. I cant think of a hand that BB should be leading here so with second pair I call.
I dont think KQ donks as it blocks my calling range and KQ doesnt want a fold on flop (plus I block some KQ so less likely).
I dont think K5 donks either for same reason as KQ.
Standard play should be for BB to X and Hero to c-bet range and KQ/K5 would probably just call or X/R if afraid of a draw.
I think 55 has incentive to X as well probably to call a c-bet or X/R. This is a better X/R than KQ/K5 as it unblocks my calling range IMHO.


JT gets there on the turn but I would think that would be a flop X/R not a donk.
V sizes up to 2/3 pot. Hero thinks this line is strange and so calls.


River puts a K out there making it less likely that V has a K. V bets pot.
Hero doesnt think a K donks and so thinks he is good and calls as the line is strange.


Knowing nothing else about the villain here, I don’t know if I agree with your assumption that a K wouldn’t donk lead here. He certainly could have a lot of kings here. From the villain’s perspective, letting it check through would be missing value. Of course, villain could be running a button-clicking triple barrel.
I think this board should be a pure range cbet 1/3 to 1/2 pot for Hero so the risk of it checking through should be very low imho. V donking Kx blocks most of my calling range (only 2 Ks left) and risks getting a fold, minimizing Vs winnings with Kx. I’ll put it in the solver but I think Kx should be a pure X/C for V.
Donking top pair is pretty standard for bad players. So is donking JT. Even a bad player often realizes that this should hit the raiser. So if they were to donk as a bluff they aren't going to keep going for it. I'm fairly confident that most of the time this is a K or JT, and occasionally just some total air ball.
Pretty standard to call at flop

No reason to X/R at turn as you will only be call by better, so I be calling at that spot as well

A 3rd barrel pot size bet at river seem strong, not sure what we beating here that will lead after river beside missed draw or pure bluff

I leaning towards Villain having Kx or 55 and just betting 3 street of value without thinking GTO since it the first time we played
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What are the bluffs? AThh and AJhh? Most of the other stuff would have paired, no? Unless he's turning 22-88 into a bluff. Maybe the ATcc, ATss, AJcc, AJss?
I put this in GTO+ and flop is a pure X for V in BB. Luckily the call was good. I think calling this down too often is a losing play - someone said recently that a losing call is worse than a losing fold and I agree. However this line just didnt make sense and my spidey sense was tingling from the flop donk so I called down and got lucky. What a bad, bad play by V - I've tagged him in my HUD ...


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