For Sale Spring Cleaning: Miscellaneous DBs, Cards, IG Cut Cards (2 Viewers)


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Jan 6, 2022
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Missouri, USA
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Finally getting around to cleaning out some stuff that I've accumulated that I haven't gotten in play recently and won't anytime soon.
Dibs sale.

$7 shipping CONUS for most items (if only getting a few cut cards I'm happy to mail in simple envelope for normal postage cost if preferred by the buyer).
Payment PayPal FF or Venmo.

Dealer Buttons
A. Jack Cincinnati DB - $8 SOLD
B. The Prestige DB - $9 $6
C. MLB DB - $7 $6 SOLD
D. ProV1 Golf DB (2 1 available) - $7 each SOLD
E. Tiger Palace Acrylic DB 1 - $9 SOLD
F. Tiger Palace Acrylic DB2 - $9 $6


G. Kem Bridge size Gold/Black Unopened - $25 SOLD
cards copy.png

H. Kings Medieval Blue/Red (blue deck was opened and shuffled once but unplayed, red deck unopened). Loved these cards but my players don't like poker size so they should get used somewhere. - $22 $18 $16

cards king.png

Cut Cards

All cut cards $3 each, $5 for 2.

Indiana Grand Cut Cards

For the bridge size cut cards, there are 3 different front-back combos, Black-Gold, Black-Black- Gold-Gold.
IG Poker size only available in Black-Black.
J. IG Cut Card Bridge Gold/Black 1 pair available
K. IG Cut Card Bridge Black/Black
1 pair available
L. IG Cut Card Bridge Gold/Gold 1 pair available
M. IG Cut Card Poker (Black/Black)
1 pair available
cut cards.png

N. PCF Cut Card Poker size (set of 2) - $5 for the set SOLD
P. PCF Cut Card Bridge size (2 sets 1 set of 2 available) - $5 per set SOLD
cut cards pcf.png
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OP has been updated with what is no longer available. Still a variety of IG cut cards left.
OP updated with items still available. Going-to-the-post-office-today price drop on the remaining DB and Cards!
Price drop on the remaining Kings Cards and the final 2 dbs. Down to 2 sets of IG bridge and 3 IG poker cut cards left.

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