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Mar 11, 2021
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Bay Area California
First and foremost I would like to say that I feel safe at home and this has not affected poker in any way. This post is about a solution I found for storing poker tables with limited space after the girlfriend redecorates.

So the girlfriend moved in a few months ago and as many of you know, this leads to some very nice things but also comes with challenges. For example, my house is decently sized for my monthly poker tournaments but space is limited. Normally I have my two poker tables setup permanently downstairs. What’s nice about these BBO tables are the folding legs so if needed, I can move the tables and use the room for something else.


The girlfriend came with some very nice living room furniture which could only go in the poker room. I bent the knee and began looking for poker table storage options. There were two videos I found on YouTube which I basically combined into one and both of these videos used some sort of electric hoist.

I wanted to avoid having the tables lie on their side railings and I did not want them stacked on top of each other. This was the end result, and yes I have very limited experience in construction.


The platform and tables are approximately 450 lbs combined. The table on bottom is about half the weight as the one on top. The hoist is mounted sideways above the garage door which seems to be working fine. There is about 6.5 feet of clearance under the tables.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the result and it’s fairly easy switching the room out for poker. If you are considering a similar design please feel free to ask any questions or if you have any suggestions on how to make this better, that would be greatly appreciated.

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