So my girlfriend moved in and things happened (1 Viewer)

I'm married 11 years plus two kids and kept my poker room. Still host too.
++1 this brother!!

How far to move and re setup? Tables light enough for one person to move, or you use a trolly?

The garage is about 20 feet to that room and down two steps. The tables are quite heavy but can easily be moved with two people and a furniture dolly. She has a lovesac couch that breaks down so changing the room out probably takes less than 20 minutes.
LOL - Mrs. Moxie and I have been together for 20 years this year.

But my remarks were about frame. A man who can't hold frame in his own relationship is in for a disappointing life of endless concessions.
Right. Merit to this. I better toughen up and buy some more framing chips!

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