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Apr 10, 2017
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See original sale thread for pics and more information. This pre-sale is for anyone who purchased chips in the first round. You may now purchase up to 1000 $1s, depending on quantities remaining.

Update on condition: while filling orders from the original sale I quickly realized that not all the VG+ chips were created equal. I ended up filling orders from the best VG+ chips and for this sale have separated the remaining chips into two lots: VG+ and G+. In my opinion they are better than the G+ $5s but some could use a cleaning. Note: the same caveats about condition I made in the original sale apply here.


  • PM me your order. Orders will be taken until tomorrow night (at 7pm PDT [GMT-7], Monday May 18th).
  • Please specify condition in your order and whether you will accept G+ chips in case I run out of VG+ before filling your order.
  • Orders will be filled according to the order of the drawing in the original sale thread, not in order of PMs received.
  • There are no racks available in this sale.
  • After giving the original buyers a second chance to purchase $1s, I will sell any remaining chips in an open, separate sales thread, details and timing TBD.

Prices/Quantities: (Prices do not include shipping, insurance, PayPal fees, etc.)

$1 Chips - VG+: $175/rack 800 remaining
$1 Chips - G+: $150/rack 3400 remaining

Left: VG+
Right: G+

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One quick question, how do the good chips compare to the very good.
The pics from the original sale only had excellent and very good.
Thanks in advance.
Appreciate the offer but I'm good :tup:
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