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May 16, 2017
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Bay Area, CA
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Hello! I've come across the chance to purchase one of my GOAT sets (no, not Tigers)... but in order to grab this set, I need to drum up some funds...

Next up are some barrels of Grand River Casino $1s. Chips are in great condition. I actually have 99(!) available for sale (if someone wants them all), or each barrel is $55.

  • Shipping NOT included, all shipments will be made via USPS Priority mail (I will combine!). Minimum shipping is $10
  • CONUS only
  • Payment via PayPal F&F
  • Please enter a "Dibs" here, not via DM
  • Larger orders trumps smaller orders
Out of interest, does this casino run cash games or are these chips from the BJ tables?
Interesting note.

When these were received by the casino, the wrong name was on them. They used them until the Mill Bay chips arrived. The new dealers trained with these chips.

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