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Feb 11, 2022
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From the pics I've seen it seems like most people here play on the casino style oval tables. I'd like some opinions on the round wood style tables. The ones with the reversible top, sometimes leather instead of felt. I really like the look of them, but I am wondering how they function for actual poker. I assume they typically only fit 6 adults max. Anyone here have some experience with them?
I love round tables and have exactly what you’re talking about. Leather top and flips over into a regular table. Has 6 “seats” but can seat 7. We sat 8 once but that was really pushing it and wasn’t comfortable at all. Really depends on your game but round will always get my vote.
Round is the way to go. Most people here though prefer tables with a full cushioned rail. Are you talking about the tables that have the wooden chipwells and cup holders? Seems uncomfortable and wasted space on those. Also, felt is way better than leather for a surface. As others have said, 56" is the minimum for 8 people. 60" is more comfortable for 8.
Thanks for the input. I wouldn't mind cup holders, but yes those routed out grooves for chips look like they wouldn't be ideal. I've seen a bunch that have just a routed out rectangle bay, which isn't too bad and would 100% only be used for cell phones at our game.
I just bought a 60” round table and sold my large oval table. I don’t like playing 10 handed anyways.

While the table you described can work, a topper is next level and can be stored if you need the table for other things.

60" round

Tons of room for 5 person stud night


6-7 most other nights... plenty cozy, 8 fills it up, but can be done. I've never had 9 and don't see that.


Drink carts >>> cup holders (for me) on round

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