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Jul 15, 2019
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A buddy of mine texted me yesterday about this place....


Poker is quite illegal in GA for any form of actual money unless it's a charity tournament. And this company was running out of a restaurant in the north suburbs of Atlanta. Not only that, but they have three RFID tables and stream all of them concurrently on YouTube. I was wondering how in the world they could possibly make any money off of this. But it turns out they have an app, RF Poker, that you have to subscribe to after three sessions.

Seeing as my wife doesn't start her new job until February, she decided to go out there last night to see what this was all about. And she said it was actually very nice. And I got to watch her on stream for a little while. Seat 8.


I was still curious how this operation could possibly have any legs or be profitable. And who would have been silly enough to try to start such a venture. Then this morning randomly I got my answer thanks to the YouTube algorithm. Turns out this company is owned partly by Dan Weinman.

What do you all think of this? I'm still skeptical something like this can be profitable long-term given the overhead in space requirements. It's not like most bar games that can just pack up and move to another location. Need to be able to find a partner or a space dedicated to this. And you would need a very wide user base buying in on the app.

All that said I think I'm going to head out there on Thursday to check it out. I'm not below going to have some bar poker fun!
I’m pretty certain the guy who won the main event last year works for this company (previous to winning it). I kinda figured it was something to do with RFID technology but not to this extent.
I’m pretty certain the guy who won the main event last year works for this company (previous to winning it). I kinda figured it was something to do with RFID technology but not to this extent.
I mentioned that in my OP. Dan Weinman.
It seems like the location in Georgia is a test bed. There are several little gaming companies in the Alpharetta area, and have been for many years.
I think the chips suck.
They do, but they are also RFID. The table tracks the chip stacks. The dealers are dealer/players and are trained to some extent by the company. They have to do some limited action tracking on an iPad while dealing/playing. According to my wife, they have a tech and TD at the games.

I'm going tonight to check this out.
So I chose the wrong night to go.

So there was a league, APC, that played out of there before RF/Game Theory. APC cut a deal with Game Theory to use their stuff on Thursdays and Saturdays. Game Theory runs on Monday, Tuesday, Sunday.

APC doesn't have the staff to have all 3 tables going. So they only stream the final table. Which I did make, but the stream wasn't working. The structure was terrible as are most bar games. Got to the FT 3rd out of 8 with 8bb. Chip leader had 12bb.

We did play with the tech at the FT though. And it's the same basic tech used at Little Kings and Queens before they got shut down. Difference is, the chips and button are also RFID, so there is no need for anyone "in the back" to track action. The dealer has a tablet that allows them to fix most errors. And chips stacks are tracked. As a matter of fact, there is a monitor for the table that everyone can see that shows chips stacks and if your cards scanned correctly. It also shows the board so anyone watching doesn't have to peer over the table.

You can also log in to the game on the RF Poker App and see all the hands you played with hand history. It also has some coaching database integration that gives you feedback on your play. The biggest complaint I heard from people that had dealt on the system is that the bigger of read errors gets bigger if multiple tables are running through one PC.
Went last night for the steamed game. Only played like 5 hands in 4 hours. Was very boring. But typical bar poker crowd. Very passive. Lot of limping even when stacks were short.


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