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Aug 1, 2014
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Great White North
So I have had to ask Josh (quite embarrassingly) to change my order twice in the last few days. To prepare my local crowd for the new coming chips I started them using blank MGK's from PI. The denoms were cash values using orange 25c, black 1's, red 5's and yellow 20's. They didn't like them. They couldn't adjust to using black as a $1. So I changed the order after ordering the above lineup. I instead ordered white 1's and was going to use a black twenty which rarely get used.
Last night I told the table about the change and they said they actually liked the colors after getting used to them:mad:

I have since requested the blacks again but....does anybody else have such a crowd of flipflop asshole friends?:D
but....does anybody else have such a crowd of flipflop asshole friends?:DView attachment 15224

Asshole frieds? Absolutely! Flip-flopers? I don't give 'em options! LOL!

Absolutely LOVE those labels Steve... I suppose the chips will come to me blank, right? You're applying the labels yourself I assume?

That will be a great set man...
Yeah. The order has been in limbo for quite a while because I couldn't justify spending half the total again to ship them to myself....but to you for less than $20? OKAY! On top of that the order seemed doubtful after a major hiccup here on the homefront. Sadly had to part with a rack of MGM quarters :( and as it turns out I might not have had to :mad:. Oh well. I will be harvesting another in the next few weeks:p

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