Cancelled REDUCED STARTING BID!!!! Diamond (Rhombus, not Square) Mold Solids Clay '80s Vintage or older 362 unit Chipset

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Feb 1, 2019
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Hello; Offering these Diamond Molds. After studying the thread "Are these ASMs" as well as examining the Mold MD-49, These look like the Todd Diamond Mold, or whoever it was sold to. (There seems to be some discrepancy on whether it was Paulson or USPC, or others.) What I noticed is that the top 2 pictures in the nice 4 picture comparison that Duffman put in that post is that the diamonds are rhombuses, not squares, as in the lower two pictures in that post. As you can see from my photos, they are also rhombuses.

These were bought in the Atlantic City area in the 80s by a dealer training to deal craps. I bought them from him. He mentioned buying some of them at 'Whitehorse' in NJ. That means nothing to me, but may to you. The case is
not included.

I weighed 20 of them and got 7.2 ounces, or roughly 204 grams, 10 grams per. (Not the worlds greatest scale) Questions welcome. Very few are nicked up. I have not cleaned these. Many still chalky.

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