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Mar 8, 2023
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Looking to order my table supplies from YAT. I am doing a full 4’x8’ oval table. I noticed the vinyl is 54” wide. That leaves 3” of excess vinyl to wrap around two layers of ply and the 1” rail foam on each of the long table sides. Has anyone had any trouble with this on a full 4’x8’ table? Or will this work fine?

I’m not interested in the back and forth on adequate or proper table size, that has been covered many times before in other threads. I’m just wondering if the vinyl will cover the 4’x8’ table Im building.
It's been a long time since I've ordered from YAT, but, yes, it worked fine with the vinyl I ordered. There will be stretch, plus, I knelt on the rail as stapling to compress the rail foam, so that once it's done it has a tight, smooth finish.
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I have always done 44” width tables. 48” is too wide IMO.
^ This, but 54" wide vinyl will just barely cover a 48" wide rail with two layers of 3/4" ply and 1" of compressed foam, with very little room for error -- that's 53" total (48+1.5+1+1.5+1), leaving only 1/2" per side for wrapping underneath and stapling (maybe just a tad more if you heavily compress the foam).

46" would be a lot safer, and minimize the (very real) chances of ruining your vinyl.
54" wide vinyl is wide enough to get the job done. If you need to get it wider, cut a slit down the middle of the rail and you'll gain a few extra inches along the width. This is also how you can upholster a round/octagon rail that's wider than 54". If you have a set of upholstery plyers, plyers with a long flat head to help you pull the vinyl then it'll make the job easier. Might not be worth getting specialty pliers just for 1 rail though, but it'll save your fingers.

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