Purchased MD2 Shuffler And Am Wondering If I was Overcharged (1 Viewer)


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Sep 2, 2023
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Really the condition should be judge from the inside. I would ask for picture of the rollers of the one they are sending you. Maybe a video of the operation of it working.

In my limited experience talking to both groups I found that stargameparts were more friendlier. The Star parts owner just never got back to me about some things. However, stargamespart had a lady (merisa) working that seemed very helpful and I was able to get a refund on incorrect rollers I purchased. Then she help my figure out which rollers I would need for my DM1

Another thing stargameparts had a bunch of eBay listing for new rollers and I was emailed pictures of their stocked rollers which leads me to believe they WOULD refurbish the MD2 with newish rollers.

If it was me I would for sure pay a 2-300 dollar difference to buy from Star Parts knowing if something goes wrong they can help.

The MD2 is pretty much end of life "obsolete" and finding parts or anything to do with the shuffler is will be difficult.

I been window shopping the MD3 myself.... Admiring it's beauty.. let me know if you have any issues with the MD2 I can reach out to some friends and try to help trouble shoot.

I think you also mistyped you mentioned AGS for 3000 but it's 3999 so pretty much 4k.

Edit: WOW looks like a week later how things escalated so quickly. We can change this from window shopping to new owner of a New "Broken" MD3 shuffler....
You might of overpaid no matter who you ended up buying from depending on if I can fix my shuffler or not.
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