Cancelled MD3 MultiDeck Shuffler 2-8 Deck (1 Viewer)

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Jul 27, 2023
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Purchase this from an eBay seller who works with a lost freight company that came across one of these and they didn't know much about these shufflers. Luckily, I have such a passion in card shufflers so I took the gamble and was able to bring it to life. Loaded with up to date on software, Had to source a few parts to get this up and running which took a week or two. I don't think you will find a more pristine (minus the small corner scuff) MD3 shuffler off a casino floor in this condition which is practically new. About 10-20 shuffles mainly to tune some cards and run a couple test shuffle to make sure everything is working correctly.

My guess is the shipping company must of damage the box so bad the casino wouldn't accept it and filed an insurance claim against the shipper. The lost freight company pick it up and auctioned it off in a lot which ended up with my eBay seller. Which is why the device was missing it's software and a few other components. The shuffler was manufactured in 2022.


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I honestly don't want to let it go but I really do not have a "need" for it. I will keep it if I don't have any buyers but for my wife's sake I am listing it for $11K shipped (USA) international shipping would be additional. I'm located in Central Texas and can meet in person DFW down to Austin if buyer feels more comfortable that way.

Comes with Manual
Power Cord
Original box matching serial
I can't offer warranty but you should rest assure I will be available to assist if any problems arise.

Here is a video of a shuffle in progress with the cover off.

Price comparison for a casino used recondition MD3
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