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Jan 10, 2014
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I'm eagerly anticipating my labels from Gear Labels. I have labelled chips before but I'm still curious about this.
My question: Is there anything in particular that you do (or have done) to prep casino chips for labelling over the inlay?
I will probably use a method I used to label over hot stamped chips - swabbing the inlay area with a q-tip or cotton ball saturated with rubbing alcohol. I did it to clean the area and discovered it also removed most of the foil from the hot stamp! Pretty cool.
My current chips have standard casino inlays, so are there any other methods out there? (Removing the existing inlays is not an option).
I just made sure the chips were clean and before I stick on a label I run a finger over it to make sure there isn't a fuzzball or spec of dust on the old inlay because that stuff shows up under the label.

I got my labels from Gear and I love them so I'm sure yours will be great too!
I dropped 2000 china clays into a tub and stirred them around to knock off dirt and grime. The layer of crud that formed on the top of the water made me happy I did this. I suspect it would also be a good idea for hotstamped casino chips as well.

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