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Poker Tables, Grand Rapids, MI (1 Viewer)

This seems like a steal, especially if you use a dedicated dealer. The Shuffletech is worth four or five times as much as the table itself.
I am close enough to Grand Rapids to go and pick one up. I am going to try for the one with the shuffletech. I will keep you guys posted if it works out. :)

Not trying to sneak past you Strike1st. If you do decide you want one let me know and I will pass. :)
Those are a major steal. The materials alone are well over $500 not even including the shuffler.
hmmmm, I could use a second table. Not that far from Ypsi.............
And I thought my Craigslist find was a good deal... scoop it!
What chips are included?

About 500 hotstamped ABS chips per table are pictured.

Wouldn't mind the Shuffletech either. Still have 4 tables from the last poker room I bought out. Strike, you ever play in the poker room in holt (buddies poker room)?
No...just getting back into the game...my brother used to run a card room in his apartment...so yeah...I will look into it though! Thanks for the heads up.

I am trying to get a table but haven't heard anything yet.
That game is closed and I have all the supplies from that room, I have sold most of it off, however have 4 tables left. The best room around Lansing is trippers, but they are only open 4 days a week now.

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